Junk Removal

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Having to look at a pile of junk lying around your home or office can be extremely frustrating, and it can also become a safety hazard in high-traffic areas. Luckily, there is no need to worry about the frustration or safety hazards associated with junk as our team of professionals is here to help. At our junk removal company, we make the removal of junk a quick and affordable process, so call us at 800-320-9510 as soon as possible!

How We Help Customers

At our junk removal company, we employ a team of professionals who have the experience to determine the proper strategy to safely remove your junk in the timeliest manner. While they are great at what they do, their job is made substantially easier considering the fact that we provide them with the finest equipment and trucks the industry has to offer. Of course, the fact that we actually show up on time certainly doesn’t hurt our superb reputation, either.

Items We Handle

Our company’s professionals are trained and experienced when it comes to the removal of junk. Every day, we help customers dispose of junk, such as old appliances, car parts, furniture, scrap metal, and much, much more! However, federal regulations prevent junk removal companies from disposing of certain items that could present a hazard to the environment. These prohibited items include, but are not limited to; asbestos, batteries, fuel, oil and paint.

If you’re tired of looking at a pile of junk, and don’t wish to risk it causing serious injuries, our professionals with Kerneli would be thrilled to help. At our company, we offer timely junk removal service for an affordable price. Additionally, we always offer complementary consultations and quotes to further customize our premier level of customer service. If you’re ready to schedule a junk removal service, or if you have any questions, call us at 800-320-9510 at this time.