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Kerneli Temporary Power is the leader in the temporary power industry for both residential and commercial clients in the Ellettsville, IN region. We continue to expand our Ellettsville, IN temporary power company and degree of service on a daily basis. We are also working diligently to make sure that we are continuing to offer the best pricing along with the largest supply in Ellettsville. To set up a temporary power equipment rental within Ellettsville today, give us a call at 800-405-6822.


Our Customer Service in Ellettsville, IN

It will not take you much time at all to see why our temporary power box clients continue to come back to us. One of the greatest reasons our customers continue to return is due to our massive temporary power pole stock, which includes everything from generators to power poles. Needless to say, the fact that we have a temporary power box and power pole for every customer’s need in stock as opposed to having to special order it is yet another main reason customers choose to do business with us every day.

Ellettsville, IN Temporary Power Products

Clients have come to realize that we are the best temporary power box business in the Ellettsville, IN area but this reputation was earned over decades of service. To start with, we offer a hassle-free consultation when you are renting anything from temporary power poles to a power box. Our company also pledges to only lease you the equipment you need as we do not believe in boosting our revenue by pressuring you to purchase something more powerful than you will need. Ensuring that your temporary power box and accessories are properly wired is an additional step we take in regards to customer support. The main reason we do this is because the highlight of our workday is seeing delighted customers. Our company would also be more than satisfied to assist you to contact the power company to ensure they have the power turned on at your site.

Your business in Ellettsville, IN will quickly discover just how beneficial temporary power is when working at a work site. Having temporary power poles, boxes and other equipment is the best way to make your task go as efficiently as possible. Give us at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at this time at 800-405-6822 to find out how our options can assist your enterprise.

Temporary Power Frequently Asked Questions in Ellettsville, IN

What Kinds of Temporary Power Equipment Do You Rent in Ellettsville, IN?

We rent anything from power boxes to power poles at our Ellettsville, IN temporary power business. In addition, be sure you browse a few other places like, Sunnyside, NY temporary power to find out if this site offers services nearby.

What if I Am Unsure About What to Lease?

Many of the customers who lease temporary power equipment from us are contractors or promoters who are used to knowing exactly what they need. If you are unsure of which devices you need for your project, our electricians can assist. We are able to tell you how much power the gear you rent will need to generate during our free consultation.

What Can I Anticipate Paying for Temporary Power in Ellettsville, IN?

Our temporary power equipment is priced very reasonably on any budget. Having said that, some products will be more or less expensive when compared to others. Give our team at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-405-6822 today if you want a personalized quote.

Who Do You Rent Temporary Power Equipment To?

Consumers from all industries with a variety of needs lease from our temporary power business. We stock temporary power poles, power boxes and more, which can be useful for anything from new construction to a small event.

When Do I Need to Schedule My Temporary Power Pole or Power Box Lease in Ellettsville?

We have an extensive inventory, which means that the only occasion we do not have a temporary power pole in stock is when numerous customers have rented identical models out at the same time. We can normally have the devices to your site within two to three days so give us at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-405-6822 today. With that said, the power company will have to set up a meter at your site and it may take them one or two weeks.

Will I Need to Install the Temporary Power Equipment in Ellettsville?

No, our team of highly trained electricians will transport the temporary power equipment to your Ellettsville work site in the safest and most efficient fashion. They are highly trained in working with this powerful gear.

Do You Have a License for Temporary Power Rentals?

Yes, we are not a temporary power business that hires people based upon their sales skills as we know that having certified electricians on staff is the best way to provide the highest quality experience in this market.

Does Temporary Power Equipment Have Any Sort of Restrictions?

There are not any legal issues connected with our equipment but some areas may have to inspect the gear after it has been set up at your work site and before power is being produced. One of our staff members can help you determine the regulations in your vicinity.