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When you need a source of temporary power at your work site in the New Palestine, IN region, you will find that Kerneli Temporary Power is there to help. We lease to customers in all industries in both the public and private sectors throughout New Palestine, IN. We have a wide selection of temporary power box and power pole options to pick from in New Palestine. To learn how we can help with your temporary power needs within New Palestine, call our team at 800-405-6822 today.


Temporary Power Items in New Palestine, IN

By allowing us to help with your power pole rental equipment demands in New Palestine, IN, we can guarantee you will be thankful you did. To make sure that your worksite will have the amenities it requires, we provide everything from electrical boxes to temporary power poles. It will not take you long to realize just how remarkable our power pole rental inventory is.

Our Service Quality in New Palestine, IN

Customers have come to appreciate our degree of service in addition to our extensive inventory of temporary power poles, power boxes and much more in New Palestine, IN. Clients frequently tell us that they like the fact that we act as a consultant rather than a salesman. In reality, we take the exact opposite route with our free temporary power consultation, which allows us to ensure that you know precisely what you need for your site while still spending the minimal amount of money. Our business also does the smaller things such as helping to make sure that your power provider has set everything up for your temporary power box or poles to have a source of power. Timely delivery is yet another form of customer service our temporary power pole company delivers. In addition, we have a staff of highly-trained electricians who will set up all of your temporary power sources on your site for you so you never need to be worried about the dangers of live electric current and harm to yourself or your staff .

If you want to have lights, a way to run tools and keep your office climate controlled, you will see that temporary power is extremely important. By leasing power pole rental from us, you will save lots of money and time considering we will deliver it to your site in New Palestine, IN. Do not hesitate to get in contact with our temporary power staff at Kerneli Temporary Power by calling 800-405-6822 at this time.

Frequent Temporary Power Questions in New Palestine, IN

What Temporary Power Products Do You Provide in New Palestine, IN?

Our New Palestine, IN temporary power company rents a wide selection of equipment, which includes power boxes, power poles and much more.

What if I Am Uncertain About What to Lease?

A lot of our business is created through repeat business by customers who already know what temporary power equipment they intend to rent. With that said, our group of electricians has the capacity to help anyone who is unclear about what they need to lease. We are able to tell you how much power the gear you rent will need to produce during our free consultation.

How Much Will Temporary Power Cost Within New Palestine, IN?

We have very competitive pricing on our temporary power solutions. Of course, the more powerful equipment will be priced somewhat higher than the equipment capable of producing less power. Call us at Kerneli Temporary Power at 800-405-6822 for a quote concerning the items you are interested in renting.

Who Utilizes Temporary Power Items?

Consumers from all sectors with a variety of needs lease from our temporary power company. We stock temporary power poles, power boxes and more, which can be useful for anything from new construction to a modest event. To find out more, take a look at a lot of our service areas: temporary power Millstone Township, NJ.

How Long Does It Take to Rent a Temporary Power Pole or Power Box Within New Palestine?

We have an extensive stock, which means that the only occasion we do not have a temporary power pole available is when numerous customers have rented identical models out at the same time. We can normally have the equipment to your site within two to three days so give us at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-405-6822 at this time. We do advise giving the power company at least a week or two to have someone out to set up a meter at your site.

Will I Have to Handle the Temporary Power Products in New Palestine?

No, our certified electricians are going to take care of everything for you. They understand where the power poles and other accessories need to be placed for optimal results so you can keep your focus on the operations of your company.

Does Your Temporary Power Company Hold the Proper Certification?

Yes, we are not a temporary power company that hires people based upon their sales skills since we know that having electricians on staff is the only way to provide the highest quality experience in this market.

Does Temporary Power Equipment Have Any Sort of Restrictions?

Before power is turned on at your site, some regions and states have laws that require the site to be inspected. We can help you to find out whether or not the equipment at your work site will have to be inspected.