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Kerneli Temporary Power is the leader in the temporary power industry for both commercial and residential clients in the Athens, OH area. We have been in the temporary power industry for many years in the Athens, OH area and you will find that our company is continually offering a better experience. We are also working diligently to ensure that we are continuing to offer the best pricing in conjunction with the largest inventory in Athens. Be sure to call us at 800-405-6822 so we can assist you with all of your temporary power demands in Athens today.


Why Do Clients Like Our Athens, OH Company?

At our Athens, OH temporary power box rental equipment company, it is not at all unusual for us to obtain repeat business. One of the greatest reasons our customers continue to return is because of our massive temporary power box rental inventory, which includes everything from generators to power poles. One more thing our clients have come to value is that we ordinarily have the temporary power box or pole they need available and ready to ship.

Temporary Power Made Easy in Athens, OH

Customers have come to realize that we are the best power pole rental business within the Athens, OH area but this reputation was earned over decades of service. Regardless of whether you are renting a temporary power pole or power box, we start each power pole rentalprocess with a complimentary consultation. This means we will never charge you a fee if you do not wind up renting from us for whatever reason and we certainly are not going to try to sell you more than you need. We will also work to make sure that your temporary power box and power poles are on your site and set up before the beginning of your task. Sure, this requires a little extra running around on our behalf but it is well worth it when we see the gleaming smile on your face along with the repeat and referral business we will obtain. We will even set all your temporary power equipment up for you and ensure that it is activated by the power company in the region.

Regardless of what type of task you are doing within the Athens, OH area, odds are that if you are operating at a temporary site, you are going to need temporary power poles. Having temporary power poles, boxes and other equipment is the best way to make your project go as efficiently as possible. Whenever you are serious about working in the most effective manner and keeping your company’s staff as satisfied as possible, give our team at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-405-6822.

Athens, OH Temporary Power FAQ

What Kinds of Temporary Power Equipment Do You Lease in Athens, OH?

Our Athens, OH temporary power company rents a wide selection of equipment, which consists of power boxes, power poles and more. We in addition provide service to temporary power Greenacres amid other cities and states around the country.

What if I Am Unsure About What to Rent?

Some of our customers already know which temporary power equipment they need to rent. If you are uncertain of which devices you need for your project, our certified electricians can assist. We will tell you how much power the gear you rent will need to generate during our free consultation.

How Much Does Temporary Power Cost in Athens, OH?

We have extremely competitive pricing on our temporary power solutions. Of course, the more powerful equipment will be priced somewhat higher than the equipment capable of producing less power. Give our team at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-405-6822 today if you want a personalized quote.

Who Do You Rent Temporary Power Devices To?

We are more than thrilled to provide everyone with temporary power options. We have temporary power poles, power boxes and every other power-related component you could imagine for the smallest of tasks to developing a new office building.

When Should I Schedule My Temporary Power Pole or Power Box Lease in Athens?

Our company has a huge temporary power pole selection on site and we are ready to deliver to your site anytime. Give Kerneli Temporary Power a call today at 800-405-6822 to schedule the delivery of your equipment. However, you might want to plan on giving the power company a week or two to set up a meter and flip the power on at your site.

Will I Need to Install Any of the Temporary Power Units in Athens?

No, our certified electricians are going to take care of everything for you. They understand where the power poles as well as other components need to be placed for optimum results so you can keep your focus on the operations of your company.

Does Your Temporary Power Company Have the Proper Certifications?

Yes, all of our team members are certified electricians with years of experience in setting up this equipment.

Does Temporary Power Equipment Have Any Sort of Regulations?

There are not any legal issues associated with our equipment but some regions may have to inspect the gear after it has been set up at your work site and before power is being generated. If you are uncertain of the guidelines in your region, we can help.