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Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, Kerneli Temporary Power offers the temporary power products you require in Boxborough, MA. We continue to expand our Boxborough, MA temporary power business and degree of service every day. Today, we still offer the same competitive pricing but our variety of temporary power poles and power boxes in Boxborough only continues to grow. To set up a temporary power equipment rental within Boxborough today, give us a call at 800-405-6822.


Why Do Clients Like Our Boxborough, MA Company?

It will not take you much time at all to discover why our temporary power pole clients continually come back to us. They are thrilled at the fact that we offer such a wide array of temporary power pole devices, which ranges from electrical boxes and generators to power poles that ensure their work site has the electricity it needs to make the task as efficient as possible. Of course, the fact that we have a temporary power box and power pole for every customer’s need in stock rather than having to special order it is yet another main reason customers choose to do business with us each day.

Setting the Standard for Temporary Power Throughout Boxborough, MA

It will not take you much time to discover why customers consider us to be the leader in the temporary power pole market throughout the Boxborough, MA area. Regardless of whether you are renting a temporary power pole or power box, we start each temporary power box rentalprocess with a free consultation. This means we will never charge you a fee if you do not end up renting from us for whatever reason and we definitely are not going to try to sell you more than you will need. We also place a strong focus on ensuring that your temporary power box and other equipment is set up before your project is slated to kick off. The main reason we do this is because the highlight of our day is seeing satisfied customers. In addition to setting up your equipment, we will also ensure that the power company knows to switch the power on and have your work site metered.

No matter what type of task you are doing in the Boxborough, MA region, chances are that if you are operating at a temporary site, you are going to need temporary power. Having temporary power poles, boxes and other equipment is the perfect way to make your project go as smoothly as possible. Give us at Kerneli Temporary Power a call today at 800-405-6822 to learn how our options can help your business.

What Clients Wish to Know About Temporary Power in Boxborough, MA

How Many Temporary Power Devices Do You Provide in Boxborough, MA?

We lease anything from power boxes to power poles at our Boxborough, MA temporary power company.

How Do I Select the Correct Equipment?

Some of our clients already know which temporary power equipment they need to rent. Having said that, our group of electricians has the capacity to help anyone who is unsure of what they need to lease. Our agency also provides a free consultation so you can find out exactly which devices you will need and how much power they should be capable of producing to help your employees work as efficiently as possible.

How Much Will Temporary Power Cost in Boxborough, MA?

The temporary power units we lease are all priced competitively as we operate our company on volume rather than gross. Having said that, the products vary in price based on their power ratings and the type of unit you are looking to lease from us. If you have questions concerning price, call us at Kerneli Temporary Power at 800-405-6822 at this time.

Who Uses Temporary Power Products?

Customers from all sectors with various needs lease from our temporary power business. We have temporary power poles, power boxes and every other power-related component you could imagine for the smallest of tasks to building a new office building. For people with contacts or relatives in other areas for instance temporary power Santa Fe, TX, make them aware that we present options across the region.

How Long Does It Take to Rent a Temporary Power Pole or Power Box Within Boxborough?

Due to our extensive temporary power pole selection, we hardly ever come across a scenario where the item you need is not available. Consequently, we normally only need a couple of days of notice and you can schedule your appointment by calling Kerneli Temporary Power at 800-405-6822 today. We do recommend giving the power company at least a couple of weeks to have someone out to set up a meter at your site.

Will I Need to Handle the Temporary Power Equipment in Boxborough?

Absolutely not, we have a group of certified electricians in Boxborough who will handle this for you. They are highly trained in working with this powerful equipment.

Does Your Temporary Power Agency Hold the Proper Certifications?

Certainly, our staff is composed of electricians, which allows us to ensure the proper set up and safety measures.

Do I Need to Have My Temporary Power Equipment Inspected?

Before power is turned on at your site, some regions and states have laws that require the site to be inspected. If you are unsure of the guidelines in your area, we can assist.