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Kerneli Temporary Power is the leader in the temporary power industry for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Florence, MA area. We have been in the temporary power industry for several years in the Florence, MA area and you will discover that our company is continually providing a better experience. Today, we still offer the same aggressive pricing but our selection of temporary power poles and power boxes throughout Florence only continues to grow. To set up a temporary power equipment rental in Florence today, call us at 800-405-6822.


Our Customer Service in Florence, MA

At our Florence, MA temporary power pole equipment company, it is not at all unusual for us to receive repeat business. Our power pole rental company offers an extensive selection of power boxes, generators, poles and a lot more. However, our customers also appreciate the fact that we have the temporary power box and power pole configuration they want in stock, which eliminates the lengthy special order process.

Why Lease From Us in Florence, MA?

It will not take you much time to learn why clients consider us to be the leader in the temporary power box rental market throughout the Florence, MA area. To start with, we offer a hassle-free consultation when you are renting anything from temporary power to a power box. We will never attempt to oversell you on any item nor will we suddenly bill you for the consultation if you do not end up leasing a product. We will also work to make sure that your temporary power box and power poles are on your job site and installed before the start of your project. The reason we do this is because the highlight of our day is seeing delighted customers. We will even set all your temporary power equipment up for you and ensure that it is turned on by the power company in the area.

Your company in Florence, MA will quickly find just how beneficial temporary power is when working at a jobsite. You will see that having temporary power poles, boxes and other equipment will make your job a lot easier. Give us at Kerneli Temporary Power a call today at 800-405-6822 to learn how our solutions can assist your enterprise.

Advantages of Selecting Our Company in Florence, MA

Kerneli Temporary Power, a temporary power company within the Florence, MA area, is the top choice for all of your electrical needs. This reputation was earned through our large choice of electrical boxes, poles and other electrical equipment in Florence, MA. Clients also enjoy our competitive pricing as this prevents them from needing to wonder if they are receiving the best deal. Our customers in Florence also continue to return to us time and time again due to how well we treat them.

Foundation of Our Company in Florence, MA

Providing the greatest customer experience in the Florence, MA rental industry is one of our greatest skills. We begin each temporary power rental with a free consultation, which allows us to determine what your individual demands are. Our consultation will also save you lots of money as it ensures that we are only leasing you the equipment your project will require. In addition, we understand that you need to get your project started as soon as possible so we will schedule the delivery of your temporary power box and power poles at a time that works ideal for you. We will also arrive in a timely manner so your task is not delayed because of us. Our electricians will even make sure that you and your team remains safe and sound through the proper installation of the temporary power equipment.

Products We Rent in Florence, MA

Our temporary power rental business in Florence, MA offers a selection that is second-to-none. Of the products we stock, temporary power poles and power boxes with various power ratings are two of the most common items we rent. Furthermore, we also offer wiring, generators as well as lighting. We literally have every temporary power part under the sun and we can work with any budget.

Due to the fact that most people are unfamiliar with temporary power rentals, they do not recognize the importance of researching the best agency in Florence, MA. The thing you have to understand is that not all businesses have the items you need available. If you are interested in saving time and money on your next temporary power poles and power boxes rental, be sure to give Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-405-6822.