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Kerneli Temporary Power is the frontrunner in the temporary power industry for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Westfield, MA area. Our firm has been in the temporary power industry in Westfield, MA for several decades and our degree of service only continues to improve. We are also working diligently to ensure that we are continuing to provide the best pricing in conjunction with the largest supply in Westfield. To set up a temporary power equipment rental in Westfield today, give us a call at 800-405-6822.


How We Help Clients in Westfield, MA

Clients from all around the Westfield, MA region come to us time and time again with all of their temporary power box needs. One of the biggest reasons our consumers continue to come back is due to our huge temporary power box rental inventory, which includes everything from generators to power poles. Another thing our clients have come to appreciate is that we ordinarily have the temporary power box or pole they need available and ready to ship.

Why Rent From Us in Westfield, MA?

Customers have come to recognize that we are the best power pole rental business in the Westfield, MA area but this reputation was attained over many years of service. Regardless of whether you are renting a temporary power pole or power box, we begin each temporary power box rentalprocedure with a free consultation. We will never try to oversell you on any product nor will we suddenly bill you for the consultation if you do not end up leasing a product. We will also work to ensure that your temporary power box and power poles are on your job site and installed before the start of your task. The main reason we do this is because the highlight of our workday is seeing satisfied customers. In addition to setting up your devices, we will also ensure that the power company knows to turn the power on and have your site metered.

As long as you work away from your home office, temporary power poles are something your Westfield, MA company is likely going to have to rent. You will see that having temporary power poles, boxes and other components will make your projects much easier. Give us at Kerneli Temporary Power a call today at 800-405-6822 to learn how our options can help your business.

FAQ Regarding Temporary Power in Westfield, MA

What Temporary Power Products Do You Offer in Westfield, MA?

Our Westfield, MA temporary power business rents a wide variety of equipment, which includes power boxes, power poles and more. For more info, examine a lot of our service areas: temporary power Walbridge, OH.

Can You Assist Me to Choose the Right Equipment?

A lot of our business is created through repeat business by customers who already know what temporary power equipment they intend to rent. If you are unsure of which pieces of equipment you need for your project, our certified electricians can assist. Our free consultation is what enables our certified electricians to take your needs and pair them up with the right product.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Temporary Power in Westfield, MA?

We have extremely competitive pricing on our temporary power solutions. With that said, the products vary in price based on their power ratings and the type of unit you are looking to lease from us. Give our team at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-405-6822 today if you want a personalized quote.

Who Do You Rent Temporary Power Devices To?

Our temporary power firm rents to all kinds of clients. We have temporary power poles, power boxes and every other power-related component you could imagine for the smallest of projects to building a new office building.

How Much Notice Do I Need to Provide When Renting a Temporary Power Pole or Power Box in Westfield?

Due to our massive temporary power pole variety, we very rarely come across a scenario where the product you need is not available. Consequently, we normally only need a few days of notice and you can plan your appointment by calling Kerneli Temporary Power at 800-405-6822 at this time. However, you may want to plan on giving the power company a week or two to set up a meter and turn the power on at your job site.

Do I Need to Set Any of the Temporary Power Equipment Up in Westfield?

Absolutely not, we have a group of certified electricians in Westfield who will handle this for you. The certified electricians know exactly where the equipment must be placed and how to securely handle it.

Is Your Personnel Certified in Temporary Power?

Yes, all of our team members are certified electricians with years of experience in setting up this equipment.

Are There Any Legal Issues Associated with Temporary Power?

Some cities require an inspector to be on site to ensure that the electrical components are set up correctly. One of our team members can help you figure out the laws in your vicinity.